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Humanizing your work will turn disengaged employees into highly self-motivated, engaged employees. (click for more)


As an international speaker, I make people stop and think, laugh, and learn to improve the way they work. (click for more)


Focus in on one topic and dig down deep on solving your issues and creating the organization you know it can be. (click for more)


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Innovating Management

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To continue to thrive we must innovate the way we manage and run our companies.


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Helping employees do what they love, love what they do, and "decog" themselves.


Engaging employees through the implementation of Enterprise Social Networks.

Change Agents

As a co-founder of #CAWW, we focus on the future of work and are not afraid to challenge the status quo.
  • When I Grow Up

  • Business Practices That Refuse To Die #44: Email Trees

  • Top 10 Ways You Will Work in the New Year

  • Business Rules Have Been Obliviated

  • To Disrupt or Be Disrupted - It is Your Choice

  • Humanize Work - We Are At War, But Who is Our Foe?

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Employee Engagement at Dell

Convincing leaders to activate their entire organization around social media is no easy task. However, Kevin Jones was the perfect guest speaker to help us share our business case with Dell’s North America Marketing senior leadership team a few weeks ago. His was just the spark we hoped he would be and the whole group(…)

Engaging the Audience

“Kevin’s style was engaging, funny, story-telling and thought-provoking – a winning combination for the audience.  (Audience participation)  was extremely high.  He challenged the audience to think about the concepts and apply them to their possibilities.” – Bill Bateman, eLearning Guild Conference Organizer

Audience Reactions

Audience Reactions

wOOt wOOt to @KevinDJones for another OUTSTANDING keynote at #e2conf. As alumni of this conference, so thrilled with upgraded keynotes! – Claire Flanagan (@cflanagan), audience member and fellow speaker @KevinDJones @Lowes thanks for providing such powerful, inspirational and passionate insight! -Kerstin (@TheRealKerstin), Audience member

Audience Testimonials

Audience Testimonials

I always enjoy listening to @KevinDJones – lots of discussion around bringing your whole self to work – that’s where your brilliance is. -Tweet from Rachel Happe (@rhappe), audience member and fellow speaker (via Twitter) @KevinDJones Great to meet you, Definitely the highlight of the symposium for me.  Let’s keep in touch. -Matthew Mason (@1scienceguy),(…)

Humanize Work: The Ninth Day (VIDEO)

It truly is a new day. One where the old management model is breaking down and being replaced by a new model.  One that is much more flexible and agile. But to achieve this, we need to Humanize Work.  We can’t keep working the same way we always have and think that we will be(…)

How Would You Respond?

Remember this video I created a while back?   Every now and then someone leaves a message on Youtube.  Most of them are positive, some are not. Like this one. Actually, I welcome contrary views.  I don’t really appreciate it if the comments are a bit toxic, but we move on. Last week this comment(…)

Humanize Work – We Are At War, But Who Is Our Enemy?

Let there be no mistake – we are at war. Not war in the traditional sense, but we are fighting a force that is almost overwhelmingly too strong. Almost. You see, we have been taught to go to school, learn, get good grades, graduate, and find a job.  Once there, they put you in a(…)

What is Your WHY? The Key to Coglessness

All of us need to be asking ourselves, “WHY” much more often.  Why are we working in the job we have?  Are we just working for the money?  It is because this is the only job we could find? Or it’s a job that will do for now?  Or is it because you hope to(…)

To Disrupt or Be Disrupted – It is Your Choice – VIDEO

Change is happening so quickly, that it’s hard to keep up. Products and services that once dominated the market and looked like they would always rule are now toppled by a competitor that came out of the blue. Employees that felt secure in their jobs are being laid off because their skills – once cutting(…)